About EasyDry Disconnect

EasyDry is a brand under C2C Technology Singapore Pte Ltd. We provide reliable and efficient products which are designed to meet the needs of hazdous fluid transfer need.

EasyDry disconnect couplings are designed for the quick and spill free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines. EasyDry Disconnect Couplings are the given choice for handling any liquid, chemicals, gas. Our dry disconnect are designed and manufactued as peras per NATO STANAG 3756, thus fully interchangeable with TODO, MannTek, Dxion and other brand products.

EasyDry Disconnect special feature make it suitable for facilities and equipment used for receipt and delivery of fuel to prevent fuel spillage on connection and disconnection. Our product has been widely used for spill free connection and disconnection of hoses that carry petroleum, LPG, ammonia, butadiene, ink, fatty acids, biofuel, liquid soaps, and many other materials.